Friday, April 25, 2014

Down a Dark Hall

                              Down a Dark Hall

   In the story Down a Dark Hall there is a girl named Kit who is going to a boarding school at Blackwood. The only reason Kit is going to a boarding school is because her mom and step-dad are going on their honeymoon  in Europe.When Kit reaches her destination and went through the gates of Blackwood she felt something evil in that building.Kit was the first student  to arrive.The next day she realized that only 4 students go there including her ,the other 3 student are named Sandy,Ruth and Lynda.Also there are  only 3 teachers teaching at the school who are Madame Duret , Jules the boy who all the girls thinks he is cute and Professor Farley an old ,sweet guy.Then Sandy and Kit becomes good friends as if they've known each other in forever.As the weeks past on weird things begin to happen like Sandy keeps on having a dream of this woman Elis , Lynda becomes a very good artist when the only good drawing she drew looked like a second grader drew it, Kit keeps on writing music on piano and also Sandy is writing poems. Although Ruth was also solving problems that she never knew.One day Lynda wouldn't come out of her room she just painted and painted. One night a man was guiding Kit to play on the piano though she thought she was dreaming when suddenly she woke up and saw Jules.That night all of their questions were answered they found out that spirits were controlling them.


    In my opinion I feel that the book was awesome.I think that the book Down a Dark Hall was a great book because it was interesting because of all the suspense and mystery.This book would get you of your seat because of all of it's mystery almost like watching a movie.I would recommend this book to lots of people who like so much mystery and scary books.
   I challenge you to read this book and other books . I hope you like this book as much as I did.Good luck.  

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